Creative Process for Concept Development - Explore, Develop, Share - to communicate the brand, product or spatial design concept to stakeholders and suppliers.



When you craft a powerful concept that really resonates, the narrative is easily applied to any discipline or platform. The key is getting the story straight from the start.

I do this with my well-practiced process - Explore, Develop, Share:



1. Explore

We talk, I listen, then I review and expand on the initial concept and requirements to build out its ecosystem and narrative, considering the message and audience, suppliers, stakeholders, creative influences, contemporary context, existing research, and additional. I create a framework foundation for moving forward, outlining the standout angle, and packing it with relevance and possibilities to add value and longevity.

This stage is available standalone, as a group workshop or one-to-one. Email me for further info.


2. Develop

Using the framework and feedback, I develop the concept creatively to define the relevant touchpoints (these vary depending on the project type) and their treatment. This might include a number of physical and digital elements, such as illustration, photography and copywriting, or materials, furniture and fittings. Development progresses through concept boards, rationale and references, rooted in feasibility and in line with production budgets.



3. Share

This stage creates a Concept Handbook, an engaging point of reference for everyone involved, from stakeholders and press to the various specialisms taking part (this could include anything from web design and copywriting to set design and shopfitting). In essence, it communicates the vision, and creates a solid brief and guidance for ensuring seamless supplier co-operation, and attracting collaborative and investment opportunities.